This volcano was south of Cold Bay in Alaska, just where the land splinters and trickles off into the Northern Pacific. Does anyone know which one it is? It was smoking too. Could be related to the recent action all around the Ring of Fire.





I saw this city while flying high over remote and desolate northeastern Russia recently. I get so curious about these places and who lives there etc. Looked it up:


Khabarovsk is the largest city and the administrative center of Khabarovsk Krai, Russia, located 30 kilometers from the Chinese border, at the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers, about 800 kilometers north of Vladivostok.


Shaken not stirred

I haven’t seen the Northern Pacific look this active all winter. Look at how central the jet stream arrows are, too. Right across the ocean. This bodes well for more rain for the parched West Coast. And what ever else the wind blows in like radiation from Japan and pollution from Beijing!! But for now, my money’s on a bumpy flight home.


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