Books Coming!

The rights to Once a Pirate, The Star King, The Star Prince, The Star Princess, Contact, The Legend of Banzai Maguire, and The Scarlet Empress have all been reverted to me. (“Mine! Mine! Mine!”) giving me control over my creative works, my earliest books, previously owned by Dorchester Publishing. This is exciting for both me and my readers as it means I can now oversee all sales of these titles, making them more available than ever before–and for far less money now that I’ve eliminated the middle man! I will now embark on digitalizing the books and hope to have them available for sale as ebooks and trade paper ASAP.

3 thoughts on “Books Coming!

  1. Did you also get the rights back for “The Star Queen”(The Only One Anthology) and “The Day Her Heart Stood Still” (A Mother’s Way Anthology)?

    I have everything you’ve ever written in the “dead tree” version. Congrats on finally getting your rights back.

  2. That’s awesome. Thanks so much–I’m excited to finally have the rights back! Yes, I got the rights back for the novellas, too. I will make these available in electronic format, hopefully within a couple of months. I need to get this info up on my website ASAP, so readers will know.

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