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  1. Do I dare ask what’s in the middle bowl in the front row? Lol’s!!!! I have been a fan of your books for years! In fact, I’m positive I read, “Once A Pirate” on a 10 day Narita (we called it that since it was our first stop and layover of the trip) as a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines. I was based in DTW where you didn’t have to have 30 years in to hold a decent schedule.

    I have to tell you how much I appreciate your service to protect my freedom and my rights as a United States citizen. We have a daughter and son in-law currently serving in the USAF. My husband is former Air Force and my father served in the Navy (mostly off the coast of Russia in a submarine). I owe the Navy my life. While based at Yokosuka Naval Base, he met the best mother I could’ve ever dreamed of. We lost her last year. Mom wasn’t the shy and demure Japanese wife. She was our matriarch who ran our family like a well tuned machine effortlessly.

    I flew to Japan for this first time when I was 5years old on a Northwest Orient DC-10. My mom took a picture of me standing at the bottom of the boarding stairs (no jetways back then ). The aircraft numbers were visible on the front landing gear doors. I worked that exact same plane as a flight attendant on a flight to Europe. My biggest thrill was working the maiden flight of the first Boeing 747-400 delivered to Northwest; the first North American airline to have one in service. The big bird became the workhorse for my 10 day far east trip. I do a quick 2-3 day trip and be done for the month to commute back to my home in southern Indiana. My DREAM was to one day sit in your seat instead of a jump seat. Life changed, but I’m thrilled to have found your blog!!!! Thank you for sharing your seat and your view from above! Fly safe!

  2. K. Thanks for the absolutely fabulous post! How cool, and especially about the pic of you as a little girl by the same plane you later flew. What a background you have, and what an exciting life you’ve led. It seems you come from and produced a fantastic family, too. I too flew a few 400s when they still had new airplane smell. Now they’re considered old. No comment. :) Can’t thank you enough for your kind words. Go Air Force! (okay, and Navy too!)

  3. PS, the center front condiment is a kind of pickle. It looks like a caterpillar but tastes like a pickle. :)

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