2 thoughts on “Aleutian Islands

  1. Hello from Chicago! Just wanted to say thank you so much for writing such wonderful and entertaining books such as the Star series and Contact! Wow! I loved the different twists and plots that you gave to each story and the depth of personality to each character! I love to read and I can already tell I’ll be rereading your wonderful stories and buying more! Just out of curiosity, do you think you’ll be writing a book on Klark? I’m such a hopeful romantic, so I hope you’re not offended in my asking. Redemption seemed aprapro for such a complex individual.

    Thank you also for posting such beautiful pictures on your website, I enjoyed everyone! I pray all your travels are blissfully smooth for you and your family.


    Kirsten Zierk
    :) aka: Happy Girl

  2. Kirsten, thank you! What an awesome note! :) I was working a bit on my blog today and don’t see my earlier reply to you anywhere, so I apologize for that. Yes, I would love to do a book for Klark. In the past I couldn’t because the publisher held the rights to those stories but now I have the rights. I’ve been on a break from writing, busy with kids/family and renovating a fixer-upper house. But I will get back to my stories soon. Thanks again for your SWEET words, and for reading my books!

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