This volcano was south of Cold Bay in Alaska, just where the land splinters and trickles off into the Northern Pacific. Does anyone know which one it is? It was smoking too. Could be related to the recent action all around the Ring of Fire.




2 thoughts on “Volcano!

  1. Beautiful pictures! Is it Veniaminof? I saw the USGS site had a few advisories there. Volcanic poofing does seem to coincide with earthquakes, of which there have been more in the news in the past week. They just had one in Oklahoma!
    I guess it’s all interconnected at some point below :-)

  2. “Poofing.” Perfect word, haha. And I think it is Veniaminof. I really had no clue which one it was, but I looked up Veniaminof and it’s in the right place. Thanks for that!

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